Musings of a BibliophileHello Reader,

I am so glad that you found me. 🙂

This blog is to primarily keep an account of the books that I have read and my views on reading them.I have been an avid reader since when I was little,but it is only recently that I started reviewing books.I have been reviewing  a few on my Goodreads page and I think it is an ideal time to start managing my own blog for the same.

I read books from a wide genre,more aptly,I love to read anything and everything under the sun,be it classic literature,literary fiction,contemporary romance ,epic fantasy, YA or non fiction . Reading has been atypically an addiction for me.No one knows about it better than my parents who had to restrain me from losing myself in a new book when my exams were around the corner in high school.Thankfully,now that I’ve grown up I know how to divide my time between reading for pleasure and my other pursuits.You can get an idea of my tastes from my Goodreads page.

I hope to explore the exciting world of books both old and new,and take you along the ride with my reviews.Please bear with me as I try to navigate through this new blogging world and excuse my technological mishaps.




 Note to authors/publishers:  If you would like me to review for you,please message me by filling up the contact form below.

Genres preferred for review requests:

  • General Fiction(Existential/Contemporary/Historical)
  • Literary Fiction
  • Contemporary romance-YA/NA/adult excluding erotica and Christian romance
  • YA/NA fiction excluding Paranormal
  • Narrative Non Fiction – Memoirs,Biographies,History,Politics excluding Text Books,Religious and Self-Help Books



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