Classics and Me


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If I had the luxury of time in hand, Classics would be my first reading of choice.I fell in love with reading because I had an ongoing affair with classic reads since my childhood.Yes,I read classics by choice and no,they were not compulsory reading assignments at school.We never had any  assigned readings of Classics or any other full length fiction reads in our school curriculum aside from Lost Horizon by James Hilton and Swiss Family Robinson.And me being a Math major in college,I’ve never had any formal background in reading literature.So,my interest in classic literature was quite organic.

I’ve to credit my parents for that.They bought me abridged versions of Charles Dickens books when I was six or seven.After that I gradually progressed to unabridged versions of the books and found  writers like Louisa May Alcott,R.L.Stevenson,Sir Walter Scott, Mark Twain,Harper Lee and Fyodor Dostoevsky among others.But as the years progressed, with me entering college and getting busy with assignments and academic readings,there has been a strain in my relationship with classic literature. Coupled with it when I was introduced to Mills and Boon and other quick reads in college,I have fallen victim to instant gratification.I can no longer find time to read a full length classic novel because they seem to be so high maintenance.They have to be loved and read with patience.This year the only classics I’ve read are Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. But I am also aware of the satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment that comes with reading a classic story.As they say,a quick flame can never replace one’s true love,no matter how many other books I read,they can never take the place of classics in my heart.

So,this year in an attempt to remedy my transgression I have signed up for the 2015 Classics Challenge  to be hosted by Stacey at prettybooks. The plan is to read a classic a month next year and hopefully read a total of  twelve by the end of the year .So,I have a standing date with a classic read every month of  next year 😉 . I hope to renew my acquaintance with the genre and this time establish a never ending commitment with each other so that both of us can live our happily ever after in my advanced years.


I’ll post about my readings with the following details:

WHEN I Discovered This Classic
WHAT Makes It A Classic
WHY I Chose to Read It
WILL It Stay A Classic
WHO I’d Recommend It To

I haven’t picked out the books yet but I plan to broaden my horizon by incorporating more than English Classic literature to my reading list.I plan to start with either The Post-Office Girl by Stefan Zweig or The Master and  Margarita by Mikhael Bulgakov. Please drop by with your suggestions and help me strengthen my  shaky relationship with Classic Literature.Have a great year ahead!


9 thoughts on “Classics and Me

  1. I love classics too! But I do find myself not picking them up naturally. I only do so when REALLY in the mood when fantasy books just fall into my lap lol. I started for my own pleasure too with them 🙂 I think my first one was Pride & Prejudice!!


    • What can we do when we are spoilt for choices these days? 🙂 Pride and Prejudice always seems to be the right choice to ease a beginner into reading classics.Austen’s style makes it easy for the readers to connect with her characters even if her stories seem to be simple at first glance making them popular even today with both the young and the old. Austen’s ‘Emma’ is my most favourite.


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