Let Me Know(Lost In You #2) by Stina Lindenblatt

let                                                                           Title: Let Me Know

Series: Lost In You

Author: Stina Lindenblatt

Publication date: September 1st,2014

Genre: NA/Contemporary Romance

Synopsis: This shouldn’t be happening again

Amber Scott thought her screaming nightmares would end now that her stalker is locked up and awaiting trial. But they return when her slam-dunk case starts to fall apart. Explicit letters she allegedly wrote surface, suggesting she was the mastermind behind her assault, a willing victim.

Amber only feels safe in the arms of her boyfriend Marcus, the one person she can lean on. Until damning evidence from Marcus’s past collides with the case and the media circus drags them both down. To protect Amber’s reputation, Marcus has only one option: end their relationship. He won’t risk further damage to her case, even if it means breaking her heart.

Amber has to find the strength to step into the spotlight and bring awareness to victims’ rights before she’s convicted in the court of public opinion. And she’s really not sure what’s worse—that her kidnapper could walk free, or that the seemingly endless attention and speculation will drive Marcus away permanently.

See how it all began for Amber and Marcus in Tell Me When


Rating: 5/5

This is a brilliant conclusion to Amber and Marcus’ story.Lindenblatt made a slam dunk with Let Me Know.This story is a lot heavier than the first one.

This is also so much more than an NA romance.It touches a lot of issues which are sensitive but are very important topics that everyone needs to be aware of.The social message that the story puts out is what I would like to emphasize on.

The story picks up from where it left off in Tell Me When. Amber is trying to move on from her past with Marcus’ support and therapy while waiting for the trial of her abuser who had not only brutally and sexually abused her, but had also murdered her brother and boyfriend. Marcus is recovering from the gunshot wound on his shoulder given to him by his abusive stepfather Frank,when he tried to save another one of Frank’s victims who was a minor friend of his.The guilt over not taking action against Frank sooner is eating him up resulting in him having nightmares.

These two broken people who after suffering so much is trying to lead a normal life.But when false evidences appear in the wake of the trial which are damning to both Amber and Marcus,whatever normality they had managed to gain,start to fall apart.They become the target of the media circus and their lives are again disrupted.

Though society is an integral part of the human civilization, sometimes society can be cruel and do more harm than good.The constant need of people to be entertained even at the expense of others leads to all kinds of outrageous behavior by the media.Here we see how the press constantly harass not only an innocent,vulnerable girl but also the people near to her,in order to gather sensational news to increase their ratings and circulation.They are so vicious they don’t even spare a moment on the repercussions of their actions.This is so true today with the advent of numerous 24 hour TV and online news channels,and with their constant need to best one another,more often than not they go to extreme lengths.The fourth estate which is looked up on by all should be more conscientious and humane in their reporting.They should handle sensitive news with care and should remember that the subjects they are reporting on are members of the society who have a life to live after that particular news becomes stale.Props to the author for handling this issue so realistically.

Along with the media,the people are at fault.They give the media ammunition to be reckless and unethical,because everybody today is hungry for sensational news or ‘masala news’ as known in India.When false news break out that makes Amber more to be the perpetrator than the victim in her plight,people suddenly take an unhealthy interest in her and as an extension in Marcus’ life.The questions that Amber asked the readers throughout the book about why no one cared about her when she was just a teen kidnapped and tortured by a psycho,but why she became a hot issue rivaling celebrity gossip when the media made her to be a sexual deviant,are truly eye opening.We as people are so quick to find fault in others.It is sick that the amount of pleasure we take from such news reports at the expense of others.This book has made me realise to be more conscientious and empathetic.

Amber and Marcus are two very brave and extraordinary people.They not only took steps to heal themselves but also voiced their sufferings and became advocates for others who had suffered like them.
Particularly,I was proud of Marcus when he overcame his fear and told his story of physical and sexual abuse that he and his late brother had suffered in the hands of their stepfather to the world.It took real courage to do that and it put voice to the plight of many other silent victims.

Despite addressing such heavy subjects, the story was no less entertaining.The love between Amber and Marcus was so pure and it was worth rejoicing the courage they took from each other to face their problems.This story nicely wraps up all the loose ends from the first book.It was especially satisfying to see Amber make peace with her dad and thus open herself to freely love Marcus and truly move towards the future.Also,the suspense throughout the story kept me on the edge of my seat.

I liked the way the author portrayed all the characters both big and small with dignity.No one was purely evil except maybe the reporter whose callous actions were the reason for all the drama.Everyone had a reason for why they acted in a particular way,it shows that even the most wicked ones are only human.

I don’t know if I’ve been able to relay all my thoughts regarding the book or explain the true worth of the story.But I would like to mention again that this story is so much more than a love story between two tortured souls.I hope people don’t pass it off as fluff because of the NA romance genre but stop to take a chance to know Amber and Marcus’ story.Their story and the underlying message is so relevant today that I wish every girl and also every boy will learn something and every victim will find comfort and take courage from them.

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

N.B. Want to know how their story started? Check out my review on Tell Me When here: https://geetszenith.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/tell-me-whenlost-in-you-1-by-stina-lindenblatt/


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